01 July 2014

Excel Sales Calculations

The possibility to tell Excel to calculate cell values in different ways makes it a very versatile platform. In the Tips section there are several articles about Excel calculations, and in one of them I discuss how to use formulas in a sales calculations.

Format input cells
To easily see what cells can be changed, I use cell styles to give those cell a separate color. This way I know that I must only enter new data in the colored cells, and I don't risk messing with the formula cells.
Excel sales calculation
Absolute formulas with cell names
When I use absolute formulas I prefer to give names to the cells included in the formulas. Then I can use these names in the formulas and fill out formulas to other cells just like I do when the formulas are relative.

Excel function guide
Most of the formulas I use are rather straightforward, but when it comes to calculating a discount it gets a bit more complicated. Now I have to use a vertical lookup formula, and for that I open the Excel function guide to get some assistance. Unfortunately I miss one step at the very end, to deduct the discount from the profit.

Excel statistics
Excel icon Most of the Solutions use Excel reports for statistics on resource usage and costs,  helpdesk tickets management, time tracking and so on. I like to use Excel, as it has many features and can give graphic representations of the data.

Excel is also a platform that many of our customers already know how to use, so they don't have to learn a new tool for the statistics reports on their Solution.

The Tips section currently has 22 articles about Excel, and more will be added in the future. There are also other articles, on SharePoint, Outlook and more. All these articles will help you get a deeper knowledge about the Microsoft platforms on which the kalmstrom. com Solutions are built. You are welcome to have a look!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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