29 July 2014

Excel BI Statistics In Solutions

Statistics icon Most Solutions have a possibility to generate Excel statistics reports. These reports give useful insights in various aspects on how the product has been used – costs, time spent and much more.

Database or SharePoint
The Solutions use an Access or SQL Server database or a SharePoint site for sharing and storing of data. Some of our products, like Kanban Task Manager for Outlook, even have a choice of all three options. (That is of course the direction all of our solutions are heading.)
Microsoft sharing platforms
Data may be studied directly in the database or SharePoint list, but when we let Excel display the information we give a more user friendly analysis model.

Excel features
Excel is a well known and much used platform, so most managers know how it works. All the standard Excel features can be used with the statistics reports, and you may also create your own reports.

Save your custom report or the changes you make in the default reports, and they will be updated with new data next time you run the statistics application.

Excel tutorials
For studying the default reports, only a basic understanding of Excel is necessary. However, for those who are interested in expanding their Excel knowledge, there are currently 22 Excel tutorials in the Tips section, and more will come.

I hope these Tips articles and demos will give a deeper understanding on how to take advantage of all the Excel features and let Excel work for you.

New design
Folder HelpDesk logo Last year we begun updating the design of the Excel reports, and the last one to get a nicer look is Folder HelpDesk for Outlook. We will soon release a new version with some minor enhancements and bug fixes, and in the process we took the opportunity to include the new Excel reports design.

We also added the new, 2013 style logo to Folder HelpDesk, and with that all Solutions have a consistent, modern look.

Below is the new Folder HelpDesk Excel reports demo. I will soon come back to announce the release!

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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