24 June 2014

Resource Booking Outlook Add-on With New Design

calendar browser version 9 icon I am delighted to announce that we have now released a major update of our Outlook add-on for corporate resource booking. Calendar Browser V9 has a new design that gives the forms a more modern look and makes them quicker to load. We have also been able to enhance the Overview of resource bookings thanks to the new system design.

Book resources and supplies in the Outlook calendar
Calendar Browser is a Microsoft Outlook add-on for efficient booking of resources within an organization. The resources can be anything from meeting rooms to equipment, cars, projectors, persons etc.

This resource booking tool for the Outlook calendar even allows you to book supplies for the booking and specify the project for which the resource will be booked.

Quicker loading
The most important change in the new version is that Calendar Browser V9 is built with HTML5, something I wrote about in an earlier blog post.

Thanks to HTML5 it is now possible to book and manage the resources faster, as the forms open very quickly. Another reason for using HTML5 is that it these techniques will make it easier to develop a Calendar Browser for SharePoint.

Resource bookings Overview
HTML5 iconIn the Calendar Browser Overview all bookings can be studied in different ways, and it is also possible to book a resource directly from the Overview.

We have added several new features to the Overview, like filtering by resource calendar in the month view, arrows for date selection and date range display of the Appointments and Orders reports.

Easier evaluation
In version 9 of the resource booking solution we have also managed to make the first installation process even simpler for evaluators. No restarts are necessary, and the first Calendar Browser installation will be added to the Outlook calendar automatically.

Calendar Browser upgrade icon These are just two of several new features in Calendar Browser V9. If your organization is already using this Outlook add-on for booking of your corporate resources, the upgrade is free for you.

Calendar Browser evaluation icon Are you looking for a tool that helps your staff book resources in an efficient way? In that case you are welcome to evaluate Calendar Browser for Outlook for 30 days without any costs. I hope you will find that Calendar Browser V9 will make resource booking within your organization very easy.

As usual the team has done a great job. The development brought many challenges, especially with the Overview. I am happy that the skills and the excellent cooperation within the team have made this new release possible. I appreciate your efforts, dear colleagues!
Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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