27 May 2014

Technical Writer With Coding Skills Strengthens

Today we are glad to invite a new guest blogger, the Technical Writer Sapna Shah. Sapna joined the team just two months ago. Here is Sapna’s story in her own words.

First of all I like to thank Peter and Kate Kalmstrom for providing me the opportunity to introduce myself to readers of the Blog through this post.

Story behind Technical Writer technical writerI never thought to become a Technical Writer while pursuing my Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree, as I always wanted to become a coder. From the beginning I was good in JAVA and PHP coding, and even got a Best IT Project certificate from the college.

During that time I never realized that I am good at writing and documentation, even though I created several documents on my projects.

In an interview for PHP developer in a well-known Indore company, my interviewer observed my talkative nature and writing skills and asked me if I wanted to work as a Content Writer. I thought a lot about it and finally grabbed the opportunity.

After eleven months I was promoted to Proof Reader. I worked there for two years and eight months. For around nine months I also worked simultaneously as a freelancer for another company as a Project Manager and Technical Writer. experience
In April 2014 I joined the team. Working with the Business Solutions is completely different and a new experience.

Here I am cooperating closely with Kate Kalmstrom, and I am learning several things from her. She has a great experience of more than 35 years in writing, and she gives me important tips on how to make content attractive and meaningful. I hope her guidance and support will assist me in improving and making me perfect in my work.

Calendar Browser version 9
Calendar Browser version 9 logo At I have come to know about different new platforms and products. During my first two months here I have worked with Calendar Browser version 9 Admin and User manuals. Calendar Browser is a Microsoft Outlook add-on for efficient booking of corporate resources.

Personal life
kalmstrom Technical Writer Sapna Image I am a very fun loving, caring, friendly and talkative kind of person and ready to learn new things in life. I always believe in hard work to make things perfect and smooth.

My family, buddies and well-wishers support me a lot. The willingness to achieve something better provides me great strength. I believe in social service by teaching and helping the poor. It provides me a happiness which is beyond words.

I see a great future at I strongly believe that Kate’s guidance and experience will help me in exploring new heights in my field.

Sapna Shah
Technical Writer Business Solutions