14 April 2014

New Command Bar in SharePoint Online

Microsoft is currently giving all users of SharePoint Online a new library command bar for the most common commands. The update begun on 9 April and will take several weeks.

SharePoint Online iconSharePoint Online
You can subscribe to Microsoft's SharePoint Online standalone, but I think it is more common to use it as a part of Office 365, as we do for In any case it is a convenient way of using SharePoint, as you get the features without having to manage the infrastructure. But SharePoint in the cloud does not give the same level of control as SharPoint on-premises.

For example, there is no way to stop upgrades and additions of new features. As a SharePoint admin I get a message in the Office 365 Message Center, but I have to accept it. I cannot select when I want the update to be implemented.

New command bar
From 9 April Microsoft is rolling out an update that gives a new command bar for SharePoint Document Libraries. It will have commands for frequently used tasks, as new, upload, edit, manage, share and synch.
SharePoint library command bar
The new SharePoint library command bar will give us quick access to functions that are used frequently, so I am looking forward to testing it – even though Microsoft has not asked for my permission!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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