23 April 2014

Enhanced Extra Resource Booking Info In Updated Calendar Browser

Calendar Browser logoAn update of the Outlook add-on for corporate resource booking has been released. This time Calendar Browser has an improved setting for Extra Booking Information.

Book by making an appointment
Calendar Browser lets users book resources within their organization by making appointments in Outlook, where each resource has its own calendar. Information about the booking, such as time, resource, name of booker and supply bookings, can be studied in the Outlook calendar or in the Calendar Browser Overview.

Extra info
Some organizations need more information about all or some bookings, and the Calendar Browser administrator can collect this info by using a template for the appointments body. However,  if you need more information about what people are using the resource at each reservation, the Extra Booking Information feature is a better way.

When Extra Booking Information is enabled, each appointment gets a pane where participants can be selected. Earlier the participants were called "Host" and "Attendees", but now you can use any caption for this data.

Calendar Browser Supplies Dialog

A couple of weeks ago I told you about how Calendar Browser will be used to book charter trams in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. In this case it is necessary to collect information about driver and conductor, not about host and attendees, so Stockholms Spårvägar, who manages the trams, decided to sponsor the development of the new enhancement. We are grateful for their confidence in Business Solutions!

Version 9 upgrade iconUpgrades are free for Calendar Browser subscribers, and all subscribers are welcome to upgrade. But if this enhancement of the Extra Booking Information is unimportant to your organization, you might want to wait for a month or so, because then we will release version 9 of Calendar Browser.

Try download iconDo you need a tool that makes it easy to book your organization's resources? The please try Calendar  Browser. The evaluation period is 30 days, and we give support during the trial as well as when you have decided to subscribe to Calendar Browser.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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