15 April 2014

A princess for

Once again the team has had a cause to celebrate. This time it is not because of some technical achievement or product success, but for a very human reason: one of our developers had his first child.

As we work so closely together in the team, we all rejoice when something so joyful happens to one of us. In this article, QA Engineer Neha Gupta Kaushal is telling the story.

Becoming the father and the mother of a little girl is like a dream come true. A daughter brings happiness into life. Recently, a cute angel entered in our lives and filled our world with happiness.

Sharad, JavaScript expert
Sharad Verma is a senior developer and the leader of our JavaScript group. He has a solution for every JavaScript problem.

Sharad joined on 29th July 2013 and soon blended into the team as an inseparable part. As a person he is friendly and helpful, and he always carries a smile on his face. Later he told us that his caring and loving wife Chandani was expecting a child. We were all happy after hearing this good news.

Sharad Family
The Birth
Princess of I still remember every detail of that lovely day 28th March. We all hoped that good news was on its way as Sharad had told us that Chandani was in hospital. He was excited, but at the same time he was a little bit worried about Chandani.

We were all working in silence when a sudden call in Sharad’s mobile at around 4.00 PM changed the whole ambiance of the office.

Sharad spoke with joy and excitement “Yahooo! Hey friends, I am blessed with a baby girl”. We saw a big smile on his face and tears of happiness in his eyes, and we all started to greet him with joy and ecstasy.

Immediately, as a responsible husband and now responsible father, he went to the hospital to see his newly born little princess and his dear Chandani. Everyone else in the office also wanted to see the little baby, and in our minds we started to visualize her face. Sharad didn’t come back to the office for the next five working days.

The Party
Pizza party image The 5th April was working Saturday, and we were all busy with our tasks when Sharad suddenly arrived at the office. We greeted him with joy and started to shout “Party Party Party” and Sharad laughed “Okay, sure, definitely, but you will have to wait a bit”.

In the evening, Sharad said loudly “Party Time Friends” and immediately ordered pizzas along with sweets and coke. While eating, we asked Sharad about the little princess, Was she healthy? How did she look?

Sharad said he felt that the new little baby brought wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities. And I must say that the pizzas were even yummier than usual, maybe because of our happiness!

Best Wishes
Sharad's wife and baby Sharad and Chandani, get ready for laughter, noise and lots of hugs! May your daughter’s tiny feet tiptoe with love in your hearts. I hope you will find your parenthood a breeze and will look back on it with fond memories.

Little princess, you are lucky to have Sharad and Chandani as your mom and dad. They will treat you like a real princess and give you all their love and care. I know they will also give you good opportunities and teach you to choose the right things in your life and career.

The team once again congratulates the family for the new little princess.

Neha Gupta Kaushal
QA Engineer Business Solutions

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