13 February 2014

Kanban Task Manager Single New Solution

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook logotype I am proud to announce that we today have published a Single version of our popular Kanban Task Manager. It has all the features of its older siblings, but there is no synchronization and no Responsible selection, as this solution is intented for only one user.

Variety of user cases
The Single version of Kanban Task Manager can be used by anyone who wants to manage tasks or notes in a way that is efficient and easy to grasp. It might be an author who today scribbles notes of plots and characters on cards or pieces of paper, a painter who wants to keep track of work orders or a building contractor planning the construction of a house. Only your fantasy sets the limit!

Kanban Task Manager series
The Kanban Task Manager workgroup solutions, for Outlook and for SharePoint, have been appreciated among companies and organizations. Since 2012, when the first of them was released, many new Community Members have begun using the virtual kanban boards.

With the release of the Single version, Kanban Task Manager has three versions. In a month or so we also hope to release a Kanban Task Manager App for SharePoint.
Single version with all features
Ever since the first Kanban Task Manager solution was published, we have been asked to develop a single version. We decided to do that, but we did not want to create another one of those simple kanban style Outlook add-ons that already existed on the market.

Instead we wanted to give single users something that would help them keep track of projects and tasks in the same way as the Kanban Task Manager workgroup versions do. Many parts of the Single version are actually borrowed from the workgroup version for Outlook, which was published in its second major version in January. That is why Kanban Task Manager Single starts at version 2.

Kanban boardOutlook tasks
Just as the workgroup version for Outlook, Kanban Task Manager Single uses Outlook tasks. You can handle these tasks like you handle the standard tasks, but we have added dropdowns where you can select project and phase for each task. Should you want to mark your tasks with another parameter, we have made it very easy to add another dropdown.

With Kanban Task Manager Single you can also:
  • drag and drop tasks within or between phases
  • filter tasks
  • search tasks
  • see more of the task text in a details pane
  • hide a phase you don't want to see on the kanban board
  • select what should be done with finished tasks
Excel iconStatistics reports
Kanban Task Manager Single creates an Access database on your PC, and all task data stored there is used in the integrated Excel reports. These reports may be used with all standard Excel features.

Try it! download iconYou are welcome to download and try Kanban Task Manager Single without any obligations. It will work for 30 days, and then I hope you will start a subscription and continue letting Kanban Task Manager make it easier to manage projects and tasks.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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