20 February 2014

Create Site Collection With PowerShell

SharePoint logo In my series of articles on how to move huge amounts of files into SharePoint I have now published the third Tips article. It contains a demo where I explain the PowerShell script I am using. There is also a download link to the script itself.

Show options to clients
When you are moving many folders and files into SharePoint you often have a client with opinions on how the end result should look. However, sometimes you might want to suggest a better solution, as you probably have more knowledge about the SharePoint possibilities than your client.

Or maybe the client does not know at all and wants to see different options before making a decision? In both cases you need a way to quickly create site collections in which you can implement your ideas and suggestions, to show the client how they work.

PowerShell iconTo automate the site collection creation I suggest using PowerShell, Microsoft's task automation and configuration management framework. In the demo below I go through my script for site collection creation and explain how it works.

If you need something like this, you are welcome to visit the Tips article about the PowerShellscript that creates a site collection and download the compressed .ps1 file.

Last article
My next blog post about moving files into SharePoint will be the last one in this series. I will then show how to let PowerShell scripts create SharePoint containers and copy files to them, and I will also discuss different kinds of containers and show how they work in SharePoint.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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