24 January 2014

Bill Gates Meets Norwegian Chess Champion

In the demo below you can see Bill Gates playing a game of chess with the Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen in a Swedish TV show.

In November 2013 the Norwegian "chess prodigy" Magnus Carlsen beat the Indian world champion since 2007, Viswanathan Anand. Mr. Anand has been a very good promotor of chess, and it seems that Magnus Carlsen is eager to continue that work. Yesterday's chess game with Bill Gates was of course such a promotion event.

It took just one minute and nineteen seconds for Magnus Carlson to checkmate Bill Gates. "He was a bit unlucky and eventually fell to my tactics, but he otherwise made good healthy moves," said Carlsen according to FirstPost.Sports. "I think with a little more time, he could certainly be a pretty good player."

I will sure see the whole show when it is broadcasted tonight!

By Kate Kalmstrom
Sales Business Solutions

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