05 December 2013

Show Holiday Photos In HD Video On YouTube

PowerPoint icon In my latest demo I show how to use PowerPoint to create a HD video from photos. This is not only a business tip, like most of the other tutorials in the Tips section. This tip might be useful for everyone who want to share their photos in the form of a YouTube video.

Unlisted videos
How about uploading your Christmas photos to YouTube this year? This does not mean that you make them official, because you can set the Privacy Settings of your video to Unlisted. Then it will not show up in searches or lists and can only be seen by people you have given the link.
PowerPoint insert photo
Insert photo gallery
The first step in the creation of a YouTube video is to insert the photos you want to include in a new slideshow. I make it very simple in the demo, but there are various options. You can change the order of photos, remove photos, add a theme to the slideshow, add a text box in every slide and so on. It is also possible to add more than one photo to each slide.
PowerPoint transition options
An important part of any slideshow is the transition between the slides, and PowerPoint gives many alternatives. I would advice you to decide on one of them and stick to it, or at least use only a few different transitions.

Even if these transitions are fun to play with, they will draw the viewers concentration from the photos if you have a new one for each photo. I have seen some bad examples on that! For the same reason I also advice you to not use sound in the transitions if you use other sound in the video.

Add sound
Audio can be added to the slideshow in several ways. If you want music in the background while the photos are shown, you can insert it before you start the recording. Another option is that you record you own sound before or during the recording of the video. Maybe you want to give your own clever comments on each photo?
PowerPoint record slideshow
Record the slideshow
When you are satisfied with your slideshow, it is time to record it. Show slide after slide, and if you are recording at the same time, give your comments on them. You can pause the recording whenever you wish.

Export to HD video
YouTube icon Now it is time to adapt the recording to YouTube and other video sharing platforms. Do that by selecting File >Export >Create a video, and choose the option "Computer & HD Displays". This will give your photos the best quality for YouTube.

Tips section

In the Tips section you can find a step by step instruction on how to create a YouTube video in PowerPoint and the same demo as below. In the Tips section we also have a demo on how to embed a YouTube video in SharePoint, which might be interesting. You are welcome to browse around!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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