30 December 2013

Returning To Sweden

I am writing this blog post on the plane from Frankfurt to Stockholm, the second last part of the long journey from India. My children and I are tired, but we feel very satisfied with our Indore visit.

SharePoint development
Much of our discussions and learning sessions during my two weeks at the Indore office centered around the SharePoint platform.

We planned the SharePoint version of TimeCard Workgroup in detail, and now I am looking forward to getting it on the market. TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeI hope it will be an increasingly popular solution as people work more and more from other places than the office.

We also planned the next major version of Calendar Browser. It will have a SharePoint option, so that users can book resources via a SharePoint calendar. I will tell you more about our future development in my next blog post.

New experiences
If you have read my earlier blog posts about the Indore visit, you have learned that it was not all work. We had two full days where we only enjoyed ourselves, and I got to see more of the big city and its surroundings.
Bread baking
I brought my three children to Indore this time. While I was working they explored the city, and team members helped them find their way to the most interesting places.

The visit was a highly positive experience for them, and the near contact with team members and their families gave them a valuable understandig of Indian culture.  In the image above Sushma Rimza teaches Joakim and Elsa to bake "chapati" bread in her kitchen.

The team
Thank you, team members!
As you understand, we can thank the Indore members of the team for a wonderful stay in their city. Their efforts and dedication have made our visit a success, and I am very grateful for to them. A warm thank you to all!

Everyone showed the same enthusiasm, both at the office and outside it, but I still want to send a special thank you to the head of the Indore Office, Lead Developer Jayant Rimza, and to the whole Rimza family. You have become my friends, and I really appreciate your kindness and hospitality.

I also want to mention our Account and Office Manager, Vipul Dindulkar, who arranged all the practical details around our visit and made everything run smoothly. We are already looking forward to next time!
By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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