26 December 2013

Indian Christmas Celebrations

This year my children and I had a different Christmas, as we are spending their school holidays with the team in Indore.

Appreciated Efforts
The Indore members of the team are not Christian, so other holidays are more important to them. But this Christmas they really made an effort to give us a special memory.

We had decided to gather in the office on Christmas Day for another outing, but when we came in we got a surprise. The office was decorated with a Christmas tree, balloons and a row of small lamps along the ceiling. There was also another Rangoli decoration on the floor.

All the others were already there, and they surprised us with Christmas gifts. The boys got elegant, traditional garments called "kurta", that they wore for the dinner party the same evening. team team
Boating and kite-flying
Later we went to a large park at the Pipliyapala Lake, where we tried the art of kite-flying and took a boat tour on the lake. team
I really liked this park. It was very clean and well kept, and there were beautiful gardens. And I enjoyed seeing my employees looking happily upwards when flying the kites, like Preeti, Ankita and Vicky in the image below. That is what I want them to do in work as well – but methaforically, of course! team
Christmas dinner
In the evening we gathered for a festive dinner, to which wives and husbands were invited. Lead Developer Jayant Rimza also brought his little son to the party. In the image below you can see him with his dear uncle, Lead QA, Vijayant Rimza. team
Once again we all had a memorable day, full of laughter and new impressions. Now there will be some final hard working days before my children and I go back to Sweden.
By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Manager Business Solutions

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