29 October 2013

Use CSS To Change SharePoint Branding Area

It was a while since I published my latest SharePoint tutorial, as the last few have been on Outlook and Excel. But now I am back on SharePoint 2013 again, with a demonstration on how to use CSS to change the text in the top left corner of the default SharePoint site.

In January 2012 I uploaded a demo on how to use CSS in SharePoint 2010 to the YouTube channel. It has now been watched nearly 6000 times, and the blog post and the Tips article about the same subject has also become very popular.

I hope many will find my new CSS tutorial just as useful. In the demo below I first change the default text "SharePoint" to "SharePoint - by". Then I hide "SharePoint" and put the text "" before it instead. This is the final result:
Pointers and tools
Of course I am not so conceited that I think a lot of people want to change "SharePoint" into "" on their team sites. What I do is using my brand name as an example when I show what tools to use when modifying the branding area text and colors.

The Enterprise way
If you have the Enterprise version of SharePoint and SharePoint Server Publishing is activated, it is a quick process to tell SharePoint to use an alternate CSS file for the Master page.

The PowerShell way
PowerShell icon Another option to modify the branding area is to run PowerShell on the server. This method is more complicated as it involces some scripting, but you can use the same CSS file. In my tutorial I show this method also.

Step by step
In the Tips section of the website you can find a step by step description of what I show in the tutorial about using CSS to modify the SharePoint branding area. The Tips section contains many articles –  on SharePoint, Outlook, Excel and more. know-how
The solutions build on just these platforms, SharePoint, Outlook and Excel, and many users of our products want to know more about them. It was for these users we begun publishing our Tips articles, but I am glad to see that the interest has extended far beyond this group.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions