21 October 2013

TimeCard Single V5 Slideshow - See The News

TimeCard for Outlook logotypeTag appointments with the extra data you need to record to convert them into time reports. Then report the tagged appointments directly from your Outlook calendar to your own Access database. That is what TimeCard helps you to do.

Soon we will release version 5 of this time tracking tool for Outlook, and now we have the new TimeCard Single slideshow ready. Please watch it below.

13 years old
TimeCard for Outlook banner TimeCard is one of my oldest products, first developed for a Swedish town. That was the workgroup version, and employees in the town reported to a central database.

The Single version, where TimeCard creates a local Access database instead, came a bit later. Now we will soon release the fifth major update of TimeCard Single.

Adds two ribbon groups
Below are the two ribbon groups that TimeCard adds to the Outlook calendar. The left one is shown in the calendar when no appointment is selected.

The right one is shown in the appointments but also when an appointment is selected in the calendar view. Then the standard TimeCard ribbon group disappears and the appointment group is shown instead.
TimeCard for Outlook calendar toolbarTimeCard for Outlook appointment toolbar
Extensive rebuild
 I wrote about the rebuild of TimeCard Single a month ago, so I will not repeat myself here. Users will not see all that is changed in the background, but they will surely appreciate the new design.

Users can also feel sure TimeCard Single will work well for many years, because we performed this rebuild to make TimeCard easier to develop and adapt to changes in the Microsoft technologies.

Documentation update
With such a massive change in architecture and design all the TimeCard Single documentation has to be updated. Documentation means website, FAQ, manual, slideshow and video demonstrations.
Kate Kalmstrom image
It has been a big task where several team members have taken part, but much of the work has fallen on my mother, Kate. She is a teacher who has also written several textbooks, so she knows how to present information in a good way. I hope that will make TimeCard Single easy to understand for new users.

Everything is not finished yet, but today you are welcome to have a look at the new slideshow. It is meant to be a first introduction to TimeCard Single. I hope to soon come back and tell you about the TimeCard Single V5 release!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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