24 October 2013

Swedish Grammar App Updated

Tallstugan iOS iconBefore I was fully engaged in the family business I was a teacher for immigrants in Sweden. It was an interesting and rewarding work, where I got to know some admirable people among my students but also learned a lot myself.

I often made my own teaching aids for the students, and that eventually led to the publishing of several books and to the website Svensk grammatik och ordbildning.

In June this year we also released an app with rules for Swedish grammar, pronunciation and word formation. Svensk grammatik. Unfortunately the version for iPhone, iPad and iPod did not support iOS7, but now this has been solved and our grammar app is compatible with the latest version of iOS too.

Svensk grammatik gives extensive guidelines for Swedish grammar, pronunciation and word formation, with examples and sound. It is a good complement to the website, and with a smartphone app you can always have the rules easy at hand.

If you want to know more about Svensk grammatik, please refer to the blog post I published when the app was released for Android smartphones.

By Kate Kalmström Business Solutions and Tallstugan

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