31 October 2013

Report Hours And Expenses From Outlook

TimeCard for Outlook banner The Single version of TimeCard Single for Outlook will hopefully be released very soon, so new tutorials are created each day. Below is the new demo about the TimeCard Expenses feature.

Tag appointments
TimeCard lets users tag Outlook appointments with time reporting data and then report them directly from the Outlook calendar to a database. The QA team and a few dedicated users are now testing a Beta version of TimeCard Single V5, and we hope to release it for all next week.

The Single version is intended for one person who reports the time to a local Access database created by TimeCard. The Workgroup version have central reporting and configuration.

Report expenses with the hours
TimeCard may be customized in many ways, and one of the features that can be enabled is the Expenses feature. It adds a button for expense reporting to the TimeCard ribbon group in each appointment. The expenses data for each appointment will be reported automatically together with the hours.

Excel report
The hours and expenses for the selected report period can be exported to an Excel sheet, where both hours and expenses are summarized.

You can customize the sheet as you like using standard Excel features. Save it, and your personal sheet will be shown in the same way next time you generate a report - but with new data, of course.

TimeCard also provides several statistics Excel reports on all data in the database. The expenses can be summarized and analyzed there too, but it is not included in the current demo. Excel icon

Use for billing
If you use the TimeCard time reports for billing customers, tag your appointments with customer name and set TimeCard to group the hours by customer in the Excel report. Now you can quickly see how many hours you have worked for each customer and what expenses you have had. You will also have a record to show customers in case of a dispute.

Three versions
TimeCard V5 will come in three versions: the Single version and two Workgroup versions – one for Outlook and one for SharePoint. The website still shows version 4.4, but we have an update for TimeCard Single V5 ready for release.

I have written two earlier articles about the TimeCard Single update. Please refer to TimeCard Single In New Design and TimeCard Single V5 Slideshow – See The News if you want to know more about the time reporting tool for Outlook.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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