02 October 2013

Indian Christmas For The Kalmstrom Kids

I guess my nearly grown up sons are not happy about being called kids, but to me they will always be "my kids". I am so happy to have them and their younger sister, and I am delighted that all three will come with me to Indore in the second half of December.

Yearly visits
My aim is to visit the office in Indore, India, once a year, but for various reason I had to cancel the trip I booked last year. Now I cannot see that anything will stop me from going – except serious illness of course, but I am a very healthy person!

New and old team members
It will be a great pleasure to meet my old friends at the Indore office again, those who have been with us for several years and who I have met at earlier visits.

But after I was in Indore two years ago we have hired more people, and I am looking forward to getting to know these new employees, that I have never met in person before. It will also be interesting to see the new office the team moved into in August this year.
The Kalmstorm kids
Used to travelling
My children have made many earlier journeys outside Sweden, so they are very used to travelling. The photo above was taken in Greece a few years ago.

Both the boys, Oliver 19 years old and Joakim 17, have been with me to India before, but for 11 year old Elsa it will be the first visit to the country that has become so important for the family business.

All three children are fluent in English, and I hope that will help them get a lot out of this journey. The team members will help me arrange some activities for them, like visit to schools, which will surely widen their horizon.

SharePoint lectures
As the team both use and build on SharePoint the Indore technichians are already quite knowledgeable when it comes to SharePoint. When I am visiting them I will take the opportunity to raise their knowledge level further by giving lectures on various aspects of SharePoint.

Development plans
We will also discuss future development plans. This last year all the products have been modernized, and now when we use the latest and best technologies the door is wide open to further enhancements.

Of course there will not only be work. Everyone will also have some fun together, like on previous visits. I will tell you more about it from India!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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