19 September 2013

TimeCard Single For Outlook In New Design

TimeCard for Outlook logotype The Outlook add-on for reporting of hours and expenses from the Outlook calendar is undergoing an extensive re-build. First to be released is the Single version.

Keep track of time
TimeCard for Outlook figure Self-employed people all over the world have since long been using TimeCard Single to keep track of how many hours they have worked on certain projects or for certain customers.

TimeCard Single creates an Access database where all the reported details can be found. You can also export  time reports to an Excel sheet and study how your time has been spent in statistics reports

New design
When current users upgrade to version 5 of TimeCard Single they will see the difference at once, as version 5 will have a new design. The TimeCard logo has also been updated, to comply with Outlook 2013.

TimeCard Single can be highly customized, which is very appreciated. But when all the different options are gathered in one screen, like in earlier versions,  the first impression might be overwhelming.

In version 5 the different kinds of configuration possibilities have been grouped in four screens. A main screen gives buttons to the different groups.
The new design with configuration groups and one main screen will hopefully make it easier for new users to get a grasp on how TimeCard Single works.

New architecture
The underlying architecture of TimeCard Single will be totally changed, and this makes it possible for us to add support for the 64-bit versions of both Outlook 2010 and 2013.

TimeCard has been on the market for thirteen years, and even if it has been updated many times we have not incorporated the latest and best technologies. Now we are doing that, so we can look forward to many more years with TimeCard and to many more versions.

Excel statistics
Excel iconVersion 5 of TimeCard Single will have a new statistics tool that I hope most users already know – Excel. That way new users will not have to learn a new tool for the TimeCard statistics.

A number of dfferent reports will be included, and custom Excel reports with data from the TimeCard Access database can also be created.

Still some work left
We are not yet ready to release version 5 of TimeCard Single, but the development is progressing well and we have begun updating the documentation. I will soon come back to tell you more and maybe show you the new slideshow.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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