12 September 2013

New Office For Expanding Team

Indore Office doorThe members of the team live and work in three countries: India, Spain and Sweden. The work group in India is expanding, so our Indian colleagues have moved into a bigger office.

Central location
The new office is situated in the well known Shalimar Corporate Centre in the very heart of Indore. This is highly appreciated by the team members, as Indore is a city with over 2 million inhabitants.

"Everything is near," says Jayant Rimza, Lead Developer and Director of the Indore office. "Railway and bus stations are close by, and there are plenty of parking places."
Jayant Rimza photo

Security and prestige
Office Manager Vipul Dindulkar likes that the building is very secure and that the prime location is impressive to visitors and will benefit the recruitment of future employees.

Vipul is the one who has found the new office and organized the move, and he has done a good job. The move was so smooth that evaluators and users of the products didn't even notice it.

Shalimar buildingInspiring surroundings
In the same building as the office there are several other companies of good reputation. The surrounding area has many IT companies and also institutions for higher education. So, our colleagues have moved not only to a bigger office but to a more stimulating environment as well.

"I really feel proud working here", says Jitu Patidar, Senoir Developer, while QA Engineer Ankita Kunchal claims she feels happy and gets "positive energy to work in such an environment."

Spacious office
The office itself is spacious and well kept and furnished. There is plenty of room for work stations and also a good sized lunch room, a pantry and a reception.

One of the rooms will be used for team sessions on development projects, and I am looking forward to using it for lectures and sessions when I visit Indore.
The QA Team
Better results
 In the image above you can see the QA team in their area of the new office. "This office will help us increase our productivity", predicts Lead QA Vijayant Rimza.

His workmate Neha Gupta Kaushal agrees and points out that the new office is silent. Even though it is situated in the city centre they are not disturbed by noise from outside the building.

Celebration dinner
As you understand the Indore team had reason to celebrate when the move to the new office was finished in August, so when everything was in order at the new place they went out to celebrate. Team dinner

I have not yet visited the new office, so what I am telling you here comes from my chats with the Indian team members. But I share their joy and feel glad we can give our skilled and dedicated Indore staff this enhancement of  working conditions. They are certainly worth it!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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