22 September 2013

Excel Text Analysis and Manipulation - New Demo

Excel icon I am continuing my series of Excel tutorials with a demo that might surprise some of you, as it is about text analysis and text manipulation.

Normally you think about word processing programs like Microsoft Word in connection with text, but Excel actually has some good features for text also.

Excel can never replace Word, but thanks to its calculation features Excel can do things that Word cannot manage.

Split up text in columns
The most obvious use for the Excel text functions is perhaps to split a text string so that words are separated in different columns. This can be done in Word to, by using the "Convert text to table" command, but in Excel you have more options – and best of all, in Excel the text becomes possible to filter.
Excel Text To Column
Insert function
Most options for text manipulations are found in the Text category of the Insert function dialog, which is reached via the Insert function button.

Excel Functions button

 Filter for the Text category in the dialog that opens, and you will get many different possibilities. In my tutorial I am only showing the ones I use most, for example how to pick out words in the beginning or in the end of a cell.

I suggest that you watch it first, and if you want to learn more Microsoft has a page with explanations to Excel text functions. It was written for Excel 2007, but there are only minor changes in later versions. I used Excel 2013 for my demo. Tips
In the Tips section of the website we have gathered a lot of tips and pointers on Excel, Outlook and SharePoint. Here you can find the tutorials from the YouTube channel with some extra information and step by step instructions.

There is also some additional articles that are not represented on YouTube. Please visit the site and browse around! I am sure you will find something useful.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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