30 August 2013

Outlook HelpDesk Add-on Updated

Folder HelpDesk logo Today we have released an update of Folder HelpDesk for Outlook. It is only a minor update, so if your Folder HelpDesk works well you don't even have to upgrade. But for some users this is an important enhancement, as bugs that only affect certain installations are fixed.

V13 with many new features
In June we published version 13 of Folder HelpDesk. It was a major update in all respects, and it gave our issue tracking add-on for Outlook a real face lift: support for the latest Microsoft platforms, also for the 64-bit Office, a new ticket form, Excel reports, calling from the ticket and much more.

Bug fixes
Now we have to prioritize other applications, but when users report bugs we of course have to do something about them. Although Folder HelpDesk was properly tested before the release some users experienced problems that had to be solved.

We have already released one update of version 13, so this is the second one. We hope all remaining bugs in version 13 are solved now, but you are of course welcome to report anything you find lacking.

Different reactions
Overall the reactions on version 13 have been very positive, like we expected. "Everything is great in V13, and all the users like it", said one administrator.

A few users have been less content, because they have experienced problems after the upgrade. With so many different systems, combinations and configurations among the users it is nearly impossible to cover them all in our internal testing.

What we can do, however, is trying to fix issues as quickly as possible, so that subscribers will not be left alone with their problems.

Upgrade or try upgrade iconIf your organization is already subscribing to Folder HelpDesk for Outlook are welcome to upgrade your installation, in case you have any issues with it. No new license key is needed this time and the upgrade is smooth and quick. download iconHave you not tried Folder HelpDesk yet? Please download the solution and evaluate it for 30 days. There is plenty of documentation on our website to help you get started. We give our extensive support to evaluators also, so you are welcome to contact us if you have questions.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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