15 August 2013

Leverage Your Microsoft With The YouTube Channel

YouTube logotypeThe demos and tutorials on YouTube are popular, and I like that the YouTube team continuously gives us new features that really make a difference in experience for both publishers and viewers.
Now I have taken advantage of a new feature called "Channel Trailer".

Late start Business Solutions were late out on YouTube, because I could not accept the bad quality YouTube gave my videos in the beginning.

It was not until YouTube introduced the possibility to upload and show high-definition videos that I considered YouTube good enough. With HD even the details  became clear in the Outlook, Excel and SharePoint installations I needed to show.

97 videos
From 2010 Business Solutions begun publishing on YouTube. Today we have 97 videos that in some way deal with the Microsoft platforms SharePoint, Excel or Outlook.

As most of the first videos now have been removed I must have uploaded well over 120 demonstrations and tutorials on my own or Microsoft's products since I first begun using YouTube.
Microsoft logotypes
Product demonstrations
My first videos on YouTube were introductions to the Outlook and SharePoint solutions. These demos were embedded on the homepage for each application. We also create demos with user instructions, and nowadays we upload all such product videos to YouTube.

Tips and pointers
Other YouTube videos give a more general knowledge about SharePoint, Excel and Outlook than the product demos, and I sometimes use them when I lecture on IT courses.

These tips tutorials attract a great interest, and I plan to make more of them. To not burden the applications with the production costs, I have decided to allow advertisements on the demos that explain Microsoft's products rather than my own.

HelpDesk OSP logotype Statistics
It is interesting to follow the Analytics for the YouTube channel. The most watched video ever is the introduction to HelpDesk OSP, which is one of the product demos.
InfoPath logotype
Second and third are two SharePoint tutorials, Add An InfoPath Form to A SharePoint 2013 FormLibrary and Create a Small Business SharePoint intranet.

Channel trailer
The Analytics is only one of the YouTube features that have enhanced the platform in the last years. The video channel is another one, and recently we got the possibility to add a trailer to the channel. This trailer is only shown to new visitors, not to the welll over 500 subscribers.

I was a bit hesitant to add the channel trailer here, because I actually want you to visit the YouTube channel and look at it there instead. But here it is anyway, so that subscribers also get a chance to watch it. I hope this trailer shows the essence of what stands for.

When you go to the YouTube channel, you will see all the playlists where our videos are gathered, and in the SharePoint 2013 playlist you will see another new feature: the custom thumbnail that give all these tutorials a similar look.

I will create more videos for my YouTube channel, and I will also try to use the features offered to give you the best possible experience. See you there!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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