21 August 2013

Internet Access To All Goal For New Partnership

The world leading technology companies Ericsson, Facebook, Samsung, Nokia, Opera, Mediatek and Qualcomm have joined forces and formed a global partnership, Their aim is to give internet access to all people on earth. banner

Only 2.7 billion have internet access Business Solutions had been an unfeasible business without the internet, and my own whole carreer has been built on the possibility to reach customers, partners and employees via the internet.

On the other hand, the first web page was published only 20 years ago, and still nearly two thirds of the worlds' population are locked out from all the chances given to us by the internet.

Three paths
According to the new website, the founders will work along three paths to reach their goal:
  • Make the technology cheaper – "No one should have to choose between access to the internet and food or medicine."
  • Develop methods for more efficient data transmission.
  • Introduce business models that will give more ways to go online.

Open new markets

I feel happy about the new partnership, and that a branch of one of the founding companies is a Member of the Community  makes it even better!

Of course the founders of have their own motives for their project, because they need the new markets that will open when more people get connected to the internet. If they succeed and their efforts lead to a quicker and more equal extension of the internet, will also beneft from it on a smaller scale.

Community icon Knowledge and contact
But it is not only business. In general I really believe that the internet can help us creating a better world by making it smaller and easier to understand.

I value my internet contacts highly, and the internet is a source of knowledge that I use daily, so I wish the founders of good luck with their partnership. When strong forces like these companies work together they should be able to make a difference!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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