28 July 2013

Connect Outlook to SharePoint with HelpDesk OSP V4

HelpDesk OSP iconToday I am proud to announce the release of HelpDesk OSP V4. The new version of our add-on has been given additional features and extended support for Microsoft products, and we have also added our new Excel reports feature to HelpDesk OSP. Thank you, team! As usual you have done a great job.

Convert incoming e-mails
HelpDesk OSP can be used for all kinds of publishing from Outlook to SharePoint lists. The team uses HelpDesk OSP to automatically convert incoming support e-mails to SharePoint list items.
We also use HelpDesk OSP to easily get images into our bug and enhancement list on the team site. Instead of adding data to a new list item we post an e-mail with a code in the subject, so that Outlook will place it in a folder that is monitored by HelpDesk OSP. To embed an image in an e-mail is easy, and images are often needed to explain problems and ideas. To embed the image directly in a SharePoint list item is more complicated, so you often use an attachment instead  which has to be opened.

Support for 64-bit Office
Office 2013 logoAn important new enhancement is that HelpDesk OSP V4 works with the 64-bit versions of Office 2010 and 3013. For most users the 32-bit version is enough, but some organizations that use HelpDesk OSP need the 64-bit version as they work with huge recordsets and spreadsheets. Most applications only support the 32-bit versions, but I want to give Community Members as much as I can achieve.

Many users don't know if they have a 32- or 64-bit Office installed, but HelpDesk OSP will detect it and select the correct executable when different files are necessary. So for the users nothing will be more complicated when we introduce support for the 64-bit Office. Most will never even notice it!

Win8 + Outlook 2013
Version 4 of HelpDesk OSP of course also supports Windows 8 and Outlook 2013. Even version 3 did that – but not both the new Microsoft platforms together! I am happy that the developer group has managed to solved that issue now. The new HelpDesk OSP logo has the 2013 style, to give further emphasis to the compatibility.
HelpDesk OSP logotype
Excel reports
Excel iconIn version 4 of HelpDesk OSP we have discarded the earlier statistics tool, which was good when you had learned it but still had several disadvantages. Instead we now use Excel for the statistics reports. Excel is a well known platform, and you can manipulate the reports with standard Excel tools.

Upgrade or try upgrade iconOrganizations who are already subscribing to HelpDesk OSP are welcome to upgrade their installations. Upgrades are always included in the subscription, just like the support. Please see all the enhancements on the HelpDesk OSP Revisions page. download iconDoes HelpDesk OSP sound interesting to our company? Then you are welcome to download HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint and evaluate it for 30 days. Please study the manual, and remember that the support team will be happy to assist you if needed.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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