24 July 2013

Archive SharePoint List Items In SP 2013

One of my most popular Tips tutorials and one of my most read blog posts explain how to archive SharePoint list items. The demo is now published in a new version for SharePoint 2013.

HelpDesk OSP logotypeThe archiving tutorial was first created for the add-on HelpDesk OSP, that connects Outlook to SharePoint. However, when we saw the big interest for the demo we decided to put it in the Tips section also. It is useful for all that manage SharePoint lists, not only for HelpDesk OSP users.

When you work with issue tracking in SharePoint your list of cases will eventually be very long, so I wanted to show what could be done with them. You can just delete the closed items, but then you will get problems if they should some day be needed. And if you keep them in the list, it will reach its limit so that you will have to create a new list.

A better option is to use a workflow that automatically copies a list item that has been closed to an archive list and then deletes it from the first list. Of course also the archive list will reach its limit, so it is suitable to for example use one archive list per year  or ten years, depending on how many items you have.

In the Tips section we have 14 tutorials for SharePoint 2013 and 11 for SharePoint 2010. There are also tips and pointers on Outlook, Excel and more. Each tip has its own web page, most often with an introduction, step by step instructions and a demo. You are very welcome to visit!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

Addition, Nov. 2014: For customized archiving to an Access or SQL Server database, use the new Solution SP Archive!

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