27 June 2013

Swedish Grammar Rules In iPhone and iPad

Tallstugan iOS iconLearn Swedish on the bus, in the park, in the waiting room or whenever you have a few minutes. That is possible if you use Svensk grammatik, the grammar app that gives extensive guidelines for Swedish grammar, pronunciation and word formation, with examples and sound.

The grammar app I have told you about earlier has today been published in App Store, so now iPhone, iPod and iPad users have the same possibilities as Android users to become masters of the Swedish language.

The Tallstugan grammar app is intended for students who already know some Swedish, because all the text is in Swedish. To have the guidelines in the smartphone is very convenient, as you can read it for reference whenever you need it. Or learn an article or two on "waste time" each day. There are 198 of them so it will take some time, but when you are finished you can start giving grammar lessons yourself!

Please read more about Svensk grammatik in the earlier blog post, published when the app was released for Android smartphones.

By Kate Kalmström Business Solutions and Tallstugan

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