22 May 2013

Connect Outlook Knowledge Base To SharePoint

KBase logotypeThe knowledge base for Outlook has been with us for many years, both as a stand alone application and used in combination with the issue tracking tool Folder HelpDesk for Outlook. Folder HelpDesk icon

Now we will soon release version 3 of KBase. Even if  current users will still recognize the Outlook add-on it has a new systems design that gives many more options than before. One of them is the possibility to connect KBase to a SharePoint intranet.

Later addition: This version has now been published.

HelpDesk OSP iconThis addition also makes KBase more interesting to in combination with HelpDesk OSP, our issue tracking tool for Outlook and SharePoint.

Sharing options

The earlier KBase versions depended on Exchange and an Outlook public folder or shared mailbox. This was the best when I first created KBase, but today we have more advanced options.

In version 3 my team and I have used another way to share information: a database or a SharePoint site. KBase can create a new Access database for you on a file server, and should you prefer to use an SQL Server database KBase supports all versions, both in-house and hosted.
KBase sharing options dialog
If your organization uses SharePoint 2010, 2013 or Office 365 SharePoint, I recommend SharePoint as sharing option. Then the articles may actually be watched, edited and created directly in SharePoint even if it is easier to add formatting and embed images when you do it from your KBase installation in Outlook.

SharePoint 2013 iconReach articles from anywhere
The SharePoint sharing option has the advantage over the other two alternatives that the articles can be reached directly via the internet. The default view shows all articles grouped by category and type, just like in Outlook, but you can of course create any SharePoint views for the article list.

When you use a database for sharing you can instead publish the articles to web pages and make them reachable from anywhere that way. This feature is also suitable for SharePoint users who want to publish the KBase articles outside the intranet.

Outlook 2013 icon
KBase articles may also be watched in Outlook Web Access and, but due to limitations in these platforms the articles will not appear exactly the same as in Outlook.

Do you think KBase sounds interesting? In the slideshow below we give an introdution to the new KBase. Please watch it and keep an eye on this blog. I will soon come back and tell you that KBase V3 has been released.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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