07 April 2013

Visio Diagrams Live In SharePoint

Visio drawing in SharePoint
With Microsoft's diagramming and vector graphics application Visio you can make complex data understandable by creating diagrams and drawings that you connect to data sources. Place the drawing on a SharePoint site page, and your colleagues can see it even if they don't have Visio or Visio Viewer installed. In SharePoint 2013 Microsoft has made it a simple task.

Visio Services
Before SharePoint 2010 it was complicated to add a Visio diagram to a web page, but with the Enterprise version of SharePoint 2010 the Visio Services and the Visio Web Access Web Part were introduced. In SharePoint 2013 the Visio Services have been further enhanced, and today it is not at all difficult to add a drawing to a SharePoint page.

Visio 2013 logoA Visio drawing or diagram on a SharePoint page is not just nice to look at. The main reason for putting it there is that it is very useful, because the Visio Services can refresh the connections to various data sources and recalculate both graphics and text fields so that the drawing shows real-time data. It can be viewed in any web browser and also in mobile devices.

How to do it
These are the three main steps you have to take to add the Visio drawing to a SharePoint page. In the demo below I show you how to do it, and in the Tips section you may also find a detailed step by step description.
  1. Open a Visio file in Visio and save it to a SharePoint document library as a Visio 2010 Web drawing

  2. Add a Visio Web Access Web Part to a SharePoint page.

  3. Connect the Web Part to the Web drawing file.
The Tips section
This demo and many others are published in the Tips section of the website. Here you can find tutorials on SharePoint but also tips and pointers on Outlook, Excel and several other subjects. Please  have a look! If you are a Member of the Community, you are also welcome to suggest new tutorials. I will do my best to give you what you need!

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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