04 April 2013

Releases And SharePoint Tips In Blog Q1 Posts

The year has had a great start for Business Solutions, and during the first quarter of 2013 we have been able to announce two major releases in this blog. I have also written about some SharePoint tutorials that I hope will be  useful to Blog readers. Other articles have treated the helpdesk applications and lucky events for team members.

Document Tagger for SharePoint
Document Tagger logotypeIn January I decided to release a Beta version of our new SharePoint app, Document Tagger. This sandboxed solution can analyze one or several documents from SharePoint libraries and suggest suitable keywords and metadata to tag them with.

After that Document Tagger also gives you better possibilities than SharePoint itself to use those tags to organize documents and quickly find the information you need.

When a workgroup shares documents and presentation on a SharePoint site the number of files will soon become to large to overview, and you need a good system to organize them. Using tags is what Microsoft recommends, but they do not give much help in the actual tagging. That is why has developed Document Tagger.

The Document Tagger icon inspired my mother, Kate, to write an interesting article about the hash tag symbol. She is responsible for the marketing and documentation, and she writes most of the non-technical articles in this blog.

Calendar Browser for Outlook
Calendar Browser iconIn March we released an update of  the resource booking application Calendar Browser. Thanks to a generous sponsorhip from a Community Member we were able to add many new features, among them possibilities to send notifications to responsibles when supplies have been ordered and to auto-book one resourse with another.

Calendar Browser was one of my first creations. It has been on the market since the year 2000 and is used by organizations all over the world. This Outlook add-on is especially popular among schools and churches, who mostly use it to book rooms. However, Calendar Browser can be used for all kinds of corporate resorces, even for people! Tips
I am a Microsoft certified SharePoint expert and trainer, and I am happy to share my knowledge. Therefore I sometimes lead workshops and lecture on advanced IT seminars, but in the Tips section of the website I am sharing my knowledge for free. Everyone is welcome to study my tutorial demos and step by step instructions.

Microsot SharePoint 2013 logoThis year I have pusblished several demos for SharePoint 2013, and for each tip there is also a blog post. Among the new tutorials are "SharePoint 2013 Content Types", "Create A Small Business Intranet" and "Show Live Excel Graphs In SharePoint". From January the Tips section has a new look, a proof of what Graphic Designer, Sonal Desai, can do.

HelpDesk news
Folder HelpDesk Business Solutions has two issue tracking applications: Folder HelpDesk for Outlook and HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint. During the new year the developers have been working hard with a major update of Folder HelpDesk for Outlook, and Kate has introduced some of the added features in blog articles.

HelpDesk OSP logotypeMy own recent blog post about a helpdesk product actually described how we use HelpDesk OSP in another way than as a helpdesk application!

The main reason why we use HelpDesk OSP for our SharePoint lists of product bugs and enhancement suggestions is that HelpDesk OSP can transfer embedded images from e-mails into SharePoint list items. It is complicated to insert an embedded images directly into a SharePoint list item, but with HelpDesk OSP it is goes like clockwork!

Team events
Baby PatidarThe Blog sometimes includes articles about or by other team members besides Kate and me.

The most important piece of news of that kind during the past quarter was the birth of little Jashith,son of Senior Developer Jitu Patidar and his wife. Jitu is responsible for the support department, and many Community Members have "talked" with him via e-mail or chat. The whole team rejoices at such happy events!

I hope you will follow the Blog into next quarter. We aim to give you a varied and informative mix of articles.
Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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