15 March 2013

Release Of Calendar Browser For Outlook V8.1

Calendar Resource booking iconThe new version of the resource booking application could be released even sooner than I expected when I wrote about the upcoming new Calendar Browser for Outlook last week.

Yesterday we published Calendar Browser V8.1, and subscribers are welcome to upgrade their installations. But first, read this blog about the added features and take a look at the configuration video. Administrators will find some interesting options that were not there before!

Make an appointment = book a resource
In Calendar Browser each resource has its own calendar, so it is easy for everyone in an organization to book a resouce by making an appointment in the suitable resource calendar for the required date and time.

Calendar Browser iconWith Calendar Browser you may also place a supply order, like catering service, conference material or IT equipment, with each booking. You can search for free resources and see a description of each resource, and there is also an Overview with various reports on the bookings.

Team work
It never stops amazing me how people with different skills – and in our case from different cultures – can work together towards the same goal and achive such good results as the team. I know that the developers, QAs and designers feel as content as I do when our combined efforts have once again led to a release of a useful application.

Thank you for your good work, team, and for helping me document all the news! Here are some of them:
  • Register hosts and attendees
    Now administrators can let uses select the host and attendees for a meeting from extra dropdowns in the booking appointment. This extra information is also shown in the Calendar Browser Overview and in the statistics reports.

  • Reserv two resouces in one booking
    When you always need to book a second resource after you have booked the first one it would be good if the second resource could be booked automatically. This can now be done with Calendar Browser V8.1.

    The administrator can easily select what reources should be booked together and if needed comment on it in the resource description, so the users will never have to bother with it.

Autobooking dialog
  • Supplies order e-mail notifications
    For this much requested feature, see my blog post from last week

  • Search the Overview
    Now you can search for reservations in the Calendar Browser Overview. Select any time period, and you may also filter these bookings by host.

  • Change log
    From version 8.1 Calendar Browser has a log file, where the administrator can see when bookings have been changed, by whom and what changes have been made.

  •  Highlights on bookings changed with short notice
    When a resource has been booked or a reservation has been changed close to the day when the resource is needed, the booking can be automatically marked with an hourglass in the Calendar Browser Overview.
In the new demo below Peter Kalmstrom, the Calendar Browser systems designer, shows how you can configure Calendar Browser to suit your organization. You will find more Calendar Browser demos on the website, and the slideshow and the manuals are also updated.

Do you want to try Calendar Browser? You are welcome to test the application for 30 days without any obligations, and remember that the support team is here to assist both registered users and evaluators.

We would appreciate any comments on the new version of Calendar Browser!

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