01 February 2013 Matriarch 95 Years Young

Maybe you have seen the video from Swedish television about my mother and the joy she finds in her iPad? Today she is celebrating her 95th birthday, and she is as vivacious and youthful as ever!

The QA Engineer Neha Gupta has been with us for long and heard a lot about my fantastic mother, so she wanted to do something for her birthday. "She is not only Peter's Granny", Neha said to me and referred to our CEO and my son, Peter Kalmström. "She is the team Granny too." So Neha spent a couple of evenings creating the celebration video you can see below. Thanks Neha! matriarchAfter my mother had been on TV she got many Facebook friend requests from unknown people, and she was also invited to a panel discussion on elderly people's use of IT. But she declined further participation in mass media, and she also declined most of the friend requests.

She does not want to have too many people in her Facebook, but she already has a lot anyway  many of them young people. If you follow the Community on Facebook you have probably seen her comments and likes.

In Sweden most elderly people prefer to live in their own homes and not with relatives and when they are as old as my mother most of them have moved to a retirement home instead. But my mother does not want  that. She lives alone and manages on her own, with only occasional help from Peter, my brother and me.

My mother will celebrate her birthday for two days. Today she has an "open house" for all who wish to come and congratulate her, and tomorrow there is a more elaborate dinner for the closest family members. We offered to take food from a catering firm or go to a restaurant, but she wanted to cook and prepare everything herself. And I know we cannot get a better meal anywhere!

I hope I have interited some important traits from my mother: health, longevity and a positive attitude towards life and all the new things it brings. Many happy returns of the day, Mum!

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