23 January 2013

Microsoft SharePoint and Office Tips In New Design

The Tips pages are popular, not only among users of the applications. Now the homepage of the Tips section has its content in a new, accordion style design.
The Tips content

Share expert knowledge

TimeCard iconThe first Tips pages were created two years ago, after we had seen a need for something more general than our product FAQ. Members of the team have specialist knowledge in Microsoft Office and SharePoint, and we decided to share that knowledge among website visitors when time allowed. After that one tip after another has been added, and now I think we have an impressive collection of tips, tutorials and suggestions.

Outlook how to
Calendar Browser iconThe first tips were about Outlook. Most of the kalmstrom. com products are Outlook add-ons, such as the first products created by our CEO, Peter Kalmstrom. When he built TimeCard, Calendar Browser and Folder HelpDesk he had recently become a Microsoft certified Outlook expert, and the add-ons were first created for Swedish customers who hired his consulting services. This happened around the turn of the millenium, and after that Peter's knowledge of Outlook and the other Office products has deepened with each new version.

Folder HelpDesk icon
SharePoint tutorials
In the last years Peter has also become increasingly interested in SharePoint. He finds SharePoint a splendid platform for information sharing, especially for companies with staff located at several offices and for employees who travel a lot. Via the internet the team site is always accessible. A number of SharePoint tips have been added to the Tips section, and this year Peter will add several new tutorials on SharePoint 2013.
HelpDesk OSP icon
HelpDesk OSP, on the market from 2008, was the first Outlook add-on that used SharePoint instead of Exchange or a database for sharing within the team. Now this issue tracking application has two successors that both make use of SharePoint. Kanban Task Manager comes in two versions, one for Outlook and one for SharePoint, and the Outlook version can use SharePoint for sharing. Document Tagger, released as Beta earlier this month, is a sandboxed solution created to facilitate the management of SharePoint libraries.
Kanban Task Manager icon
This and that
Beside the two big groups, Outlook and SharePoint, the Tips section includes tips on how to use these platforms with others to get additional benefits. We also give tips on other IT-related subjects. For example, under the Miscellaneous tile Peter explains how to get high value out of free Skype chats, an inexpensive laptop or a low cost sms plan.

New design
Document Tagger iconAt first the Tips section only had a simple start page with links to the different tips. Later I rebuilt it to make it more appealing and easier to overview, but I was not satisfied until I got help from our new designer, Sonal Desai.

I will tell you more about Sonal in another blog post. For now I will just say that the new homepage of the Tips section is nice and easy to navigate. Have a look for yourself!  A treasure is hidden behind these tiles and you will reach it by simply opening them and click the links!

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