28 December 2012

Kanban Board in SharePoint For Smooth Project Management

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotype
Now we have the gold version ready! Are you among the many who have waited for Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint? In that case you don't have to wait any longer, because now this Kanban style project management tool for SharePoint is released, and you are welcome to download and try it.

For dispersed teams
To use Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint you only need a SharePoint site, and therefore the solution is very suitable for geographically dispersed workgroups. The team members can reach their Kanban board from anywhere!

Another benefit of using SharePoint for project and task management is that Kanban boards for several workgroups are easy to reach for managers who supervise them. Please have a look at the introduction video below to get an overview of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint.

Getting rid of the Beta bugs

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint was released as a Beta in November, and after that not only the QA Engineers but also Beta evaluators have reported bugs and suggested enhancements.

Now all the basic features of the new SharePoint solution are in place and work smoothly. A warm thank you to all who have shown insterest in our virtual Kanban board and spent time on evaluating the Beta version!

Kanban boardStandard SharePoint lists
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint is a sandboxed solution that is uploaded to a SharePoint site collection and activated on each site where it should be used.

Standard SharePoint lists are used for the configuration and in the Kanban board, and the tasks are normal SharePoint list items. This means that all who have used SharePoint before will feel at home from the beginning, and the learning period will be very short.

Also the administrator can rely on earlier experience when managing Kanban Task Manager in SharePoint. He or she can handle the lists as usual, and permissions are set just like on any other lists.

Documentation and support
On the Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint download page you can find another video demonstration that shows the installation and configuration of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint. There is also a detailed manual and a slideshow, both downloadable. If you still have questions the team is here for you. We give free support to evaluators as well as users, so never hesitate to contact us!

Use with the Outlook version
The SharePoint version of Kanban Task Manager works well with the Outlook version, when SharePoint is selected as sharing option for the Outlook tasks. Then the two Kanban Task Manager versions actually use the same settings and configuration and only the place of the Kanban board is different. Users may even switch between the two versions without problems.

This is how we already use Kanban Task Manager within the team, and maybe it would suit your workgroup too?

Free for Community Members
The two versions of Kanban Task Manager are already among our most downloaded applications, and with today's release of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint we look forward to many new users of the Kanban boards, both among old and new Community Members.

Is your organization already using another product? In that case Kanban Task Manager is free, as Community Members may use as many of our solutions as they wish for just one subscription fee. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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