05 November 2012

Kanban Task Manager Superior Among Blog Subjects

Kanban Task Manager logotypeThe October blog statistics tells me that there is an overwhelming interest for reading about Kanban Task Manager. Other popular October articles deal with  three other applications and with products from two of our partners – Microsoft and PamFax.

Project and task management in SharePoint
My articles about Kanban Task Manager for Outlook have been popular for several months, but in October the post about the SharePoint version of Kanban Task Manager has an outstanding position in the statistics.

I know that CEO, Peter, is happy that so many are interested in our new software. He has all the available certifications for SharePoint 2010 and is a strong advocate of the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Currently he is also engaged in a SharePoint Quality Assurance project for a major Swedish company.

The issue tracking tool HelpDesk OSP,
that combines Outlook and SharePoint, has been on the market for several years, and we are currently preparing the addition of SharePoint as an alternative to Access and SQL Server in all our products.

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint will however be our first application that is intended solely for SharePoint. Document Tagger for SharePoint document libraries will also be ready for launch soon.

Resource booking in Outlook
Calendar Browser logoMy article about the upcoming version 8 of Calendar Browser was published at the very end of October, but to our delight it has already recieved many readers. The work I describe continues, and later this month it will lead to the release of the new version – and a new blog post about that!

Knowledge base for multiple platforms
KBase logotypeKBase for Outlook has been part of the portfolio for many years, as a separate application and as a complement to Folder HelpDesk for Outlook, our other helpdesk tool.

Now it is time for a fundamental re-build of KBase, that will also make this application more useful outside Outlook and stronger for future development.

Name days for all calendars
iNameDays logotype Well, I should not say all, because if you still have your calendar in book format, the apps NameDays and iNameDays can not add name days there.

But Business Solutions offers name days (and also Swedish week numbers) for digital calendars like the iOS, Outlook, Mac OS X, Google and Yahoo! In the beginning of October we added the namedays and week numbers for 2013.

Online faxing
PamFax banner 2In October we congratulated our partner PamFax on the update of their online faxing tool. The update meant some extra translation work for me – into Swedish – and Siret – into Estonian – of the product that Peter was involved in when he worked for Skype.

Tiles user interface
Last month Microsoft released Windows 8 for all, and in the team we feel it is a bit sad that the tile interface has been so dominant in the discussions about the new operating system. In my October article about Windows 8 I questioned how popular the tiles actually are.

All these different kinds of product news dominated the Blog in October, but I also took time to write some non-technical articles. I described my fascination of glass art in a story about The Kingdom of Crystal and my joy that the European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Price, and I also told you how my home town revived its Viking heritage in a festival.

We need  fun, beauty and peace in our lives too, not just technology!

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