14 November 2012

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint - Activation and Configuration

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeDue to the extensive interest for a SharePoint version of Kanban Task Manager, Business Solutions will shortly publish a Beta of this tool for task and project management.

Today I can show you how the solution is added to a SharePoint site, activated and configured.

Admin does the tricky part
In the demo below, SharePoint expert Peter Kalmstrom, who is our CEO, shows how easy it is to "install" Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint. I use quotation marks around install, because it is not a real installation but rather an upload and activation, standard procedures that every SharePoint administrator understands.

The "installation" and configuration is handled by the administrator, so the users only have to log in and start creating tasks.

Drag and drop SharePoint list items
Even if they can be dragged and dropped and are nicely colored, the Kanban Task Manager tasks are standard SharePoint list items.

If you are used to SharePoint, I am sure you will recognize most of what Peter shows in the demo. Kanban Task Manager uses the best of SharePoint, and the configuration lists and tasks may be handled just like any other lists or items.

Beta release
My earlier blog post about Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint have had many readers, and some of them have contacted for more information. Therefore we have decided to release a Beta
version of the new tool. It still lacks some functionality and is
Kanban boardnot fully tested, but all the important features are there and with the help of interested Beta testers we soon hope to find any remaining issues.

I will soon come back with more news about the release of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint! Until then you are welcome to watch the demo and read more about Kanban Task Manager on the website!

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