12 November 2012 Office Manager Makes Work Run Smoothly

Good office management is crucial to any company, and we are lucky to have a very capable person in this position. This week Office Manager Vipul Dindulkar has been with us for one year.

Support assistance
Vipul is the only team member whose main tasks are not directly connected to the applications, but he is involved in the answering of support e-mails and I think most Members of the Community know him in that respect.

New office
When Vipul joined the team his first task was to find a bigger office for the Indian team members, and after some searching he found the place that Peter could inaugurate during his visit to Indore in December last year. It is a nice office with room for a growing team.

Employee care
Another task for Vipul is to recruit new team members and to take care of the ones already employed. He is the one who performs the first interviews and arranges everything around the hiring, he pays salaries and insurances and keeps track of leaves and vacations.
Team Photo 1
Our Relations Manager, Siret, is grateful to have Vipul as her right hand at the Indian office: "Vipul is my eyes and ears in Indore, and it is mostly thanks to him that our Indian team has such a nice, comfortable and relaxed work environment. Vipul is often the one to suggest changes and improvements to better the work experience for the whole team", says Siret.

Team builder
Vipul is the one who organizes dinners, outings and other pleasures that allow the team members to meet and get to know each other better outside work. We encourage such activities, because we want our employees to feel happy with both work and work mates. Vipul also makes sure everyone's birthday and other special occations are remembered and celebrated.

Recently Vipul organized a course in medical first aid, and there will be more courses in health and safety to come, as the health and safety of the team is one of Vipuls number one priorities.

Authorities and supplies
Office management includes a lot of contacts with authorities, and Vipul  makes sure everything runs smoothly, that we have all the necessary permits and that the taxes are paid. He also takes care of everything that need to be bought and replaced, from small things to computers and electricity backup.

As you see Vipul has many tasks to juggle and he is managing them all. Thanks for good work, Vipul! We are glad to have you in our team!

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