18 October 2012

PamFax Online Faxing Tool Updated Twice

PamFax, the online fax application, has come with two new versions within seven days: first an update for iOS6 last Wednesday and then a bigger release yesterday.

No machines
PamFax bannerIt was a relief the day we could get rid of the fax machine and start using PamFax online faxing instead. Now members of the team can send faxes from where ever we are, as long as we have an internet connection, and we can read the faxes we recieve to our number with our local area code from anywhere, directly in the computer.

PamFax 3.5
Yesterday's new version of PamFax has several new features. I especially like the possibility to import address information with fax numbers. I can for example upload my Outlook contacts to my PamFax Portal, and then I will have them available to select from a dropdown when I want to send a fax. Another useful new feature is the possibility to upload my own cover page templates with the logo. In the new version of PamFax I can also drag files I want to fax from Windows and drop them into PamPax. The earlier method to upload files via a button is still available, but this is so much easier.

PamFax updated for iOS6
We mostly use PamFax with Windows, but there are apps for several operating systems, like MacOX, Android and iOS, and also for Salesforce and Facebook. Last week a new version of PamFax for iPad/iPhone was released. It adresses some issues related to iOS6, but it also has some new features. partner
PamFax is not a product, but we still have a strong interest in it. When our CEO, Peter Kalmström, was product manager at Skype he helped develope the first version of this excellent tool for online faxing. Later I and my daughter in law, Sales and Relations Manager Siret Kalmström, have translated all the PamFax phrases into Swedish and Estonian. And that is a ongoing process, because with each new version of PamFax phrases are changed or added.

No upgrade
PamFax banner 2As we are talking about online faxing here, I did not even have to upgrade to get the new version of PamFax. It was just there when I opened my PamFax Portal yesterday, curious to see the news after having read the PamFax blog.

Even in this age of e-mails, chats and sms you need to send a fax now and then, and PamFax is the perfect tool for it! You don't pay for more than you use, so it is not a big investment - just something that is good to have.

If you have not tried PamFax yet, I recommend you to send some free test pages to see how online faxing works. I am sure you will like PamFax!


  1. Ever since I ditch the conventional facing machine for PamFax, I am happy to say this is the future.