04 October 2012

Outlook 2013 Support Interesting In September Blog Posts

On the last day of September the much awaited update of Kanban Task Manager was released, so it is only natural that the articles I wrote about this new application for project management with Outlook tasks had many readers during the month.

Product news Kanban Task Manager logotype
As there are so many earlier blog posts about Kanban Task Manager I will not talk much about it here. Please read earlier articles or visit the Kanban Task Manager Revisions page for details. Here I will just mention that the add-on is now fully compatible with both the 32- and the 64-bit versions of Office 2013.

Calendar Browser icon
Now it is time to update more products to support the 64-bit versions of Outlook 2010 and 2013, and the developers have already started working on the application for booking resources, Calendar Browser for Outlook. The blog post about Calendar Browser V8 will surely be followed by more, and I hope to soon be able to describe the new Excel reports on past resource usage.

JavaScript Tips still most popular
Among all the blog posts about Tips the one about JavaScript in SharePoint was the single most popular in September too, just like in several earlier months. Our CEO, Peter Kalmstrom, is a SharePoint expert who has a lot of knowledge to share, and he will gradually create more tutorials on how to use JavaScript with SharePoint.

Among the more personal articles the appeal against software wrapping was the most popular. I can understand it, because most of us have experienced that we got unwanted software when we downloaded something we needed. Now we have hopefully learned to look out and read the installer text carefully! People
In September I also wrote some articles about members of the teamPeter and Siret travelled to live in the family's apartment in Spain for the winter and the yearly Ganesha festival for friendship and harmony was celebrated with a ceremony at the Indore office. I also paid attention to QA Engineer Neha, when she had been with us for one year.

I hope my blog readers like the mix I am creating, but you are very welcome to suggest subjects you would like to read about. If I know them, I promise I will try to write something interesting!

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