12 October 2012

Nobel Peace Price winner – The European Union

In Sweden this week has been a week of announcements, when the different committees in The Nobel Foundation have made public to whom they have selected to award the prestigious Nobel Prizes. Today it was time for the last one, the so called Peace Prize, and to my surprise and joy the winner was the European Union, EU.
EU flag
Fortune on dynamite
The Nobel Prize was founded by the Swedish inventor and business man Alfred Nobel, who made himself a fortune on iron and steel products. He held many patents, and his most famous invention is the dynamite.

In his testament Nobel declared that he wanted his fortune to be turned into a foundation, that each year should be used to award distinguished men and women in different fields, without distinction of nationality. The first Nobel Prizes were awarded in 1901, and today price winners can be found all over the world.

Peace price to make up for war material
Alfred Nobel owned the company Bofors and reshaped the former iron and steel producer into a modern cannon manufacturer. He probably suffered from bad conscience because his money came from arms, and that is why he decided to give a price to the person or organization who had contributed to harmony and peace in the world.

At the time of Nobel’s death Sweden and Norway were a union, and therefore the Peace Prize ceremony is held in Norway and a Norwegian committee decides to whom the price should be awarded.

EU – a peace union
The European Union was founded after Europe had experienced two terrible wars that spread over big parts of the world, the First and Second World War. Many felt that this should never be allowed to happen again, and this was the main reason for creating the union.

The European Union has had many problems on the way, and I think that is to be expected when so many countries try to co-operate, but the union has succeeded in the most important respect – we have had no war among the EU countries.

The motivation for the award is “The union and its forerunners have for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.”

European citizens
The Kalmström family has always been in favor of EU. Spain is our second home country and the latest family Member, Siret, is from Estonia, so we feel like Europeans more than anything else. We hope that the Nobel Price will remind people about the reason for the creation of EU, and we congratulate everyone who is striving to make Europe a great place to live in.

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