16 October 2012

Name Days Calendar Apps Updated for 2013

The popular app iNameDays and its free counterpart NameDays have both been updated to include the name days for 2013.

iNameDays in calendar

Name days in the calendar you use
iNameDays logotype iNameDays is a cheap little app that adds the name days for the country of your choice to the default calendar of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. We also offer week numbers, which is commonly used in Sweden. The name days and week numbers are added to the default iOS calendar, the one you normally use, so you don't have to enter a separate calendar to see them.

Free subscription options
NameDays logotype If you prefer to have your name days in another calendar, Business Solutions have a free application also: NameDays. From the beginning it was created only for the Outlook calendar, but now we have a subscription system that may be used for other calendars as well, such the iCal, Yahoo! or Google Calendar. If you subscribe to NameDays the name days - or week numbers - will be placed in a separate calendar.

Outlook calendar optionsOutlook icon
Outlook users have two alternatives for NameDays. They may either subscribe to the name days and get them in a separate Outlook calendar, or they can import the name days/week numbers to any Outlook calendar. Both options are free of charge!

Automatic updates
When iNameDays and NameDays are updated the name days and week numbers for previous year are removed. The current year is kept, and instead of previous year the coming year is added. For iNameDays and for the NameDays subscription alternative this process is automatic and users do not have to do anything to get the new data. If you have imported the data to your Outlook calendar, you must repeat the import to get the new name days and/or week numbers.

14 countries
iNameDays and NameDays currently gives a choice of name days for fourteen countries: Bulgarian, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish and Swedish. There is a separate file for each country, so it is very easy to update them and to add name days from more countries to the list.

Do you want the name days or week numbers in your own calendar? Welcome to buy iNameDays for only one U.S. dollar at App Store, or download NameDays for no dollar at all from the website.

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