08 October 2012

Kanban Board for SharePoint - New Project Management Tool

Kanban Task Manager. If you have followed this blog I am sure you recognize the name of the application for project management inside Outlook. Now I am proud to present another option for efficient project management, because our CEO, Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist Peter Kalmström, is currently developing an app that moves the Kanban board into SharePoint.
Kanban board
Kanban board gives overview
With the traditional Kanban board project management is simplified with the help of cards on a board. When we move the Kanban board into Outlook or SharePoint we get many advantages, besides having everything in the computer: tasks may be dragged and dropped, they are synchronized automatically within the workgroup, tasks for multiple projects can be shown on the same Kanban board and it is possible to filter tasks by project or responsible.

App makes SharePoint a Kanban board
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint is installed as a list app on the SharePoint site. In the video below Peter shows how Kanban style project management works on the intranet.

All who have seen Kanban Task Manager for Outlook will recognize the user interface of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint, as Peter has used the same layout for both versions. The app gives the same functionality as the Outlook add-on does, with a few exceptions: new tasks can only be created by clicking in a phase, and there is no possibility to create Excel reports directly from SharePoint - at least not in this first version.

Everything else works as it does in Outlook: drag and drop tasks between different phases, filter task for project or responsible and synchronize all tasks - but here you do that by refreshing the page! So if you normally work in SharePoint you can very well handle your tasks there also!

Combine it with Outlook
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint may very well be combined with its Outlook equivalent. If you choose the SharePoint option for sharing and storing, data is saved in lists, and if you install the new app the information in these lists may also be used directly on the site. As both versions of Kanban Task Manager utilize the same data, the members of the workgroup can choose which version they want to use, and they may also switch between them without problems.

Kanban Task Manager logotypeUsed for project management
We already use Kanban Task Manager for our own project management. Some of the team members use Outlook while others prefer the SharePoint version. It works fine already, but some details must be fixed before we can release Kanban Task Manager< for SharePoint for all. Then it will be available for download as a SharePoint 2010 sandboxed .wsp solution for deployment in a site. The new app will be licensed with a subscription, like most of the other products, and it will be free for Members of the Community. I will come back with more info later!