30 September 2012

Kanban Task Manager For Outlook V1.1 Released

Kanban Task Manager logotype
The team is happy to announce the release of a new Kanban Task Manager, the Outlook addon that makes project and task management a sheer pleasure! At least we think so, who have been using it for a while.

Project management inside Outlook
With Kanban Task Manager the developers have placed a Kanban board right inside Outlook. It works with Outlook task that have been given some extras, and the automatic synchronization within the team makes it easy for the group to discover bottlenecks and blockers. Here is an introduction to the new version:

More efficient task handling

The Kanban Task Manager tasks have dropdowns for selection of project, phase and responsible.Version 1.1 has several enhancement that make the work with the tasks quicker than in the first version. As I wrote about the improved task handling in Kanban Task Manager V1.1 in August, I will just mention two things here:
  • The new color system. In version 1.1 you may connect color to either project or responsible, so that tasks get colored automatically. Without any extra work you will get a colorful interface that is easy to take in.
  • The possibility to create a task by clicking in a phase. This task is by default marked with the current phase, and if the  Kanban Task Manager homepage in Outlook - the Kanban board -  has been filtered by project or responsible this value will be selected by default also.
Adjustments for big teams
The first version of Kanban Task Manager worked well for smaller teams, but in big teams with many tasks and projects there were some limitations. Now we have added functionality that makes it much easier to work with a large amount of items:
  • Search feature. Search the subjects and bodies of all tasks.
  • Faster loading of homepage and settings. This applies to all alternatives for sharing and storing, but the loading time in the new Kanban Task Manager is especially improved when used with SharePoint.
  • Auto-complete instead of dropdowns for many items.  When the number of alternatives for project, phase or responsible  is more than 100 a dropdown is not the best alternative for selection. Then the dropdowns are converted into buttons. A click opens a dialog with all the alternatives and a field of the auto-complete type. Write in the first letters and klick OK when Kanban Task Manager has suggested the correct alternative.
Try it!
You are welcome to try Kanban Task Manager for 30 days, and we give full support during that period as well as when your organization becomes a registered user. And if your organization is already managing projects and tasks with the add-on I recommend you to upgrade your  Kanban Task Manager installation.

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