17 September 2012 Execs Travel South

Siret and Peter Kalmstrom photoPeter Kalmström, CEO of Business Solutions, and his wife Siret who is our Sales Manager, certainly know how to enjoy life. They don't request much on a material level, but they choose their places of living carefully.

Now Peter and Siret have left Sweden, and during a long weekend they drove from Sweden through Europe to the family apartment at Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

Summer together on Öland
We have had a wonderful summer together, the four leaders of Sigge and I live on the island Öland permanently and manage the Swedish office, and Peter and Siret have a summer cottage near us.

As the business is a common interest there has been a lot of working, planning and discussing, but we have also eaten fabulous meals together. Siret loves to cook, and the rest of us love eating her creations! Last winter, when she visited the team members in Indore, she was inspired by the Indian cuisine , and that has given us some delicious dinners.

Peter likes to sit outside with his computer whenever possible, and in the image below we see Peter in the Öland landscape. He uses a quality screen, so it works well.
Terrace Photo

Towards warmer weather
Now autumn has come to Sweden, and as both Siret and Peter like warm climates they have decided to spend the coldest part of the year at the southernmost end of Europe, in a village near Marbella in Spain.

This is a friendly, cosmopolitan area,  so I am sure they will enjoy their stay. The photo below shows the roof terrace of the apartment, which has a fantastic view over the Mediterranean.
Terrace Photo

In Spain Peter will work with the applications as usual, but he will also continue his lecturing on advanced IT-courses. He is a Microsoft certified Trainer, and he enjoys the contact with his students. As these courses are often held in Sweden they will mean some flights back and forth - and an opportunity for us to meet.

Visit to India
In December there will be more travelling for Siret and Peter, when they go to Indore to meet with the Indian members of the team. They will also attend the wedding of our developer Kanak Joshi, so they are really looking forward to the trip. Siret has already promised to guest blog about this adventure, so I know there will be some interesting posts and good photos also!

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