23 August 2012

More Enhancements In New Kanban Task Manager For Outlook

Kanban Task Manager logotype
Earlier this week I told you about some improvements in the upcoming new version of Kanban Task Manager, but there is more!

Search tasks
If you looked at the video in the earlier blog, maybe you saw the new field in the Kanban Task Manager homepage?  It is a search field, where you can search the subjects and bodies of all tasks.

Just write the word you are looking for and click the magnifying glass, or simply hit Enter, and all tasks that contain this word will show up in the Outlook Kanban board. The rest of the tasks will be hidden and the magnifying glass will transform into an X icon. Press it, and all the earlier tasks will come back again. You can also search for a string of words.
The search feature is meant for search of the task subject and body. If you are looking for all tasks of one project or one responsible you should use the filtering option instead.

Faster loading
Kanban Task Manager V1.1 has some changes that will make it faster compared to the first version.  These speed improvements are especially important when you have many tasks in Kanban Task Manager.

The settings are stored in a new way that makes them faster to fetch, and the Kanban Task Manager homepage is installed in another way for faster loading. And if SharePoint is used for sharing there is a remarkable improvement. The loading of changed items from the SharePoint list is ten times faster in version 1.1!

Plans page
All the news of Kanban Task Manager V1.1  are described on the Kanban Task Manager Plans page. Most products have such Plans pages, where we tell about our plans for the application. We first mention the current development and then list things we want to do in the future.

Sponsorships Community
On the Plans pages we also invite user organizations to sponsor the development of features they want us to prioritize. This model, where the customer pays only part of the cost for a requested addition to the standard product, is favorable for the sponsor organization. It is also beneficial to other users and to Business Solutions who get a better product to market.

Kanban Task Manager was first created with the help of a sponsorship from one of our Community Members. Maybe you too have a suggestion you would like to discuss with us? Always feel welcome to contact us with your ideas! We will do our best to make them come true

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