06 August 2012

JavaScript In SharePoint Most Popular Tip

July is a vacation month for many Europeans, but the Blog has still been as much read as usual. These were the most read articles in July:

JavaScript + SharePoint = Power
A lot of useful tips have been gathered in the Tips section, and when a new tip page is created I usually blog about it. This month the most read tip post was about the demo where the CEO of Business Solutions shows how to use JavaScript in SharePoint. And when I checked the blog post statistics for all times this article was actually the most read in that list also!

The JavaScript/SharePoint tip is actually from December 2011, and I am glad my blog posts are read so long after they have been written. The tip is of course as valid today as it was when it was first published.

The use of Kanban Task Manager
Kanban Task Manager logotype
Many have been interested to learn how the team makes use of Kanban Task Manager, with SharePoint as medium for sharing and storage. While we have been using this new application for project and task management inside Outlook we have had ideas for several improvements, so a new version is already on its way.

MetaData Creator renamed to Document Tagger
The application for tagging documents in SharePoint libraries with keywords and other metadata is coming along fine, and the interest for this new product is great. We have decided to rename it to Document Tagger, to better explain what it does. Now the developers have added a possibility to tag many documents simultaneously, and the application can also tag .ppt and .pptx documents.

Next month I hope to write some more about our old products. These two new ones have taken much time, but of course the old products are developed constantly just as before. And Peter has a rich source of knowledge to take from, so you can feel sure he will come back with more useful Tips!