21 June 2012

Project Management With New Kanban Task Manager For Outlook

Kanban Task Manager logotype
The team is proud to announce the release of Kanban Task Manager  a totally new product for project and task management that works like a Kanban board for Outlook Tasks.

Kanban board in Outlook
Everyone needs good project management, but it might be difficult to keep track of all the different tasks and phases of a project. Often some kind of Kanban board is used, either a physical one with cards or some web solution. What Business Solutions has done is something much better  we have moved the Kanban board into Outlook and make use of standard Outlook Tasks. This way users don't have to learn a new system, and everyone can see in their computers when something has been changed.

Project management with Outlook Tasks

To use Outlook for project management gives many benefits:
  • Drag and Drop Outlook tasks between phases.
  • Visualize progress and blockers right inside Outlook.
  • New features, like filter for project or responsible or show tasks for several projects at the same time. These features are already added for version 1, but we will of course continue developing Kanban Task Manager with additional features.
  • Automatic and instant synchronization between team member computers.
  • If the SharePoint option for sharing is used the team may be geographically dispersed.
  • Statistics Excel reports are generated automatically.
Sponsored development
The IT specialists at the German company SABIK Informationssysteme saw the advantages of moving the task management into Outlook. As Sabik already uses another application it was a natural step for them to ask us if we could develop a Kanban board that works inside Outlook. We are grateful and proud that they turned to us with their request, and of course we could manage the task (sic!).

Great team work gives support for all Outlook versions
Although we knew we could make it, developing a totally new product is a big undertaking and the process to finalize Kanban Task Manager has not always been easy. We did not make it easier for us by wanting to support all Outlook versions from 2003, also Office 365 and the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010. And all in one installer!

Maybe that is why it has felt so fantastic to see how everything has come together, so that we now can make the release of the project management application for Outlook Tasks. The team has been working hard, and I want especially to thank our staff at the Indian office for their dedication.

When we had a Beta version of Kanban Task Manager I could start creating the web pages, the manual and the slideshow, and our CEO Peter could record a few video demonstrations. I am afraid I complicated things further by suggesting changes and asking for explanations   I had no manual, you know, just a project description, and I am no technician! But our developers and testers have been patient with me, and I believe I contributed to making Kanban Task Manager even more user friendly.

Free for Community Members Community handshakeWe are happy to have a project management application in our portfolio also, and we hope many new and old Members of the Community will use it. If your organization is a current Community Member  that is, subscriber to one of our products  you just have to contact us to get a free registration key for Kanban Task Manager.

Try it!
Anyone is of course welcome to try Kanban Task Manager, the new application from Business Solutions. Just visit our website and download it. The slideshow gives a first overview, but I recommend you to study the manual and video demonstrations also. The evaluation period is 30 days, and we give full support during that period as well as when your organization becomes a registered user.

The team is looking forward to welcoming many new Members to the Community!

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