04 June 2012

Outlook HelpDesk Becomes Folder HelpDesk - Incident Management 12 Years Later

Outlook HelpDesk was the start. Now Business Solutions has released version 12 of its Outlook add-on for issue tracking, incident management and user support with another name.

Twelve year old Outlook helpdesk

Folder HelpDesk bannerIn the year 2000 Peter Kalmstrom created the first version of an incident management add-on that converts e-mails into tickets that can be shared and managed inside Outlook. He called it Outlook HelpDesk, but later he changed the name into Public Folder HelpDesk. At that time most organizations used a public folder for sharing the tickets inside Outlook, but today a shared mailbox has become an increasingly popular alternative. Therefore the issue tracking tool has been renamed again, now into Folder HelpDesk.

New features that users wished for
As the incident management application has been on the market for so long a lot of useful features have been added to it, many of them suggested by users. We are grateful for such input from support staff and administrators and try to realize as many of the ideas as possible.

In recent years the helpdesk for Outlook has received several sponsorships, where user organizations pay part of the cost for developing one or several new features. So also this time, and here we would like to extend our gratitude to Swiss Post for their investment in version 12 of the issue tracking application. Their contribution has made it possible for us to improve Folder HelpDesk beyond the enhancements of the incident management process that we had already planned.

Keeping the good old idea
At the same time as Peter and his team have developed and improved our Outlook helpdesk for continuously better incident management and user support, they have always maintained the focus: to offer support groups and others a simple but efficient way of co-operating on support cases and other incidents in a platform already well know to them.

Using Outlook makes it easy to convert incoming e-mails into incident tickets, both manually and automatically, and to transfer sender information, formatting, attachments and images to the ticket. It is also easy to send e-mails from the ticket.

Notification e-mails and templates
The possibility to send automatic notification e-mails is important in an issue tracking or user support application , and in Folder HelpDesk V12 this functionality has been further improved. By adding an HTML editor to the templates list we have made it easier to customize the templates for these automatic notifications, and we have also added new check boxes for triggering Folder HelpDesk to send and stop sending auto-emails.

Folder HelpDesk logoThis is only one example on the many enhancements that make Folder HelpDesk V12 an even more efficient user support application. For a full list of the new features, please refer to the Folder HelpDesk Revisions page. I have also written several articles about the improvements in this blog earlier Please make a search for "Folder HelpDesk" in the Search field here under my photo, and you will find them.

Try Folder HelpDesk for free

Does your organization need a better tool for issue tracking and user support? I welcome you to try the full version of Folder HelpDesk for 30 days!

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