27 June 2012 Triple Celebration

In June Business Solutions has had several causes for celebrations. Last Saturday the Indian members of the team celebrated no less than three milestones with an outing to the ethnic village Nakhrali Dhani near Indore.
Team Photo 1
Kanban Task Manager Kanban Task Manager logotype
All team members have worked hard with the new application for project and task management inside Outlook, so everyone felt happy and proud when the gold version of this add-on was released last week. Kanban Task Manager does not look complicated when you see it in Outlook, but achieving that simplicity for the users was not an easy thing. Many ideas were tested and rejected before we reached the goal, so there is really cause for celebration now when we have Kanban Task Manager on the market.

Happy days
For three of the team members June brought special causes for celebrations also on a personal level. In the beginning of the month Lead Developer Jayant Rimza turned 30, an event that was celebrated by the team first at the office and then during Saturday's outing.
Team Photo 2
On the 15th we had reason to celebrate in Sweden also, when Peter and Siret, the CEO and Sales Manager, became husband and wife in a beautiful ceremony at the beach near the head office. And many congratulations came from our Indian colleagues, of course.
 Siret and Peter Photo
Rajasthan culture
Nakhrali Dhani Village is a center of the Rajasthan culture that has played an important role in the northwest of India for well over a thousand years and shows no signs of slowing down. It is especially well known for its distinctive music and dance but also for the colorful wall paintings, prints and embroideries.
Team Photo 1

Desert festival
Rajasthan encompasses the Great Indian Desert, and in Nakhrali Dhani Village the team members could experience the events of the desert festivals celebrated there. They saw snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats and folk performers, and they could try riding on camels. The evening was completed with a typical dinner and dancing.
Camel riding
As the team is divided between India and Sweden we cannot often celebrate together, but we rejoice with each other by sharing photos and stories. To enjoy work is important, but we need festivities now and then also. Thanks for the photos, Jitendra!

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