20 June 2012

Fax online with improved image quality

PamFax bannerPamFax is an application that makes it possible to fax online from anywhere. You don't need a machine for online faxing, just an internet connection. Yesterday PamFax was updated to give improved quality when faxing graphics, photos and scanned documents. Partner

Peter Kalmstrom, CEO of Business Solutions, was a product manager at Skype for five years. During this time he was also engaged in the development of the first version of this online faxing product, and after that he has continued to take interest in it. He has also maintained the contact with the founders of PamConsult, the company behind PamFax, and since last year PamConsult and have been partners. When we need to fax we always fax online, and as PamFax is the product we use and trust we are happy to recommend it.

Easy and safe to fax online

Online faxing with PamFax is suitable to anyone who needs to send and receive fax in a secure and inexpensive way without having to hassle with a fax machine. Online faxing is so much easier! You can even get your own local fax number. All faxes are conveniently saved online, either in the PamFax portal or at Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad and Android.

PamFax update

PamFax imageYesterday PamConsult released an update of PamFax. Many smaller enhancements have been made, but the most important improvements deal with how graphics, photos and scanned documents are reproduced when you fax online. Earlier they were often too dark, but now the recipient of the fax will get a nice, readable copy, like in the image to the right. All changes are made server-side, so PamFax users don’t need to manually download or update anything on their computers or mobile devices. Next time they start PamFax to fax online they will simply see the updated version.

Next version development
PamConsult has announced that this was the last maintenance update for PamFax 3.4. Now the work on version 3.5 will start. Release is scheduled for mid October, and this version will have several new features. I am quite satisfied with PamFax as it is, but as both a partner and a user I of course look forward with interest to see what next version of this online faxing application will bring.

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